Software for Repairers & Suppliers in the collision industry

What is PartsTrader?

PartsTrader is an easy-to-use online marketplace that provides collision repairers with a single source for procurement of parts from leading OEM dealers, parts recyclers, and alternative parts suppliers.

A better way to work

PartsTrader is a simple, powerful system built to meet the needs of the collision industry - we’ve made collision part sourcing easy. Read our story


"It's so easy to use - we use it to order parts regardless of which insurer is paying for the repair. It's more efficient."

Jim McFall, McFalls Collision, Flint, MI

"PartsTrader has freed up our time to work on other things without being stuck on the phone – it is all about efficiency."

Doc Colyer, Faulkner Collision Center, Bethlehem, PA

“Getting started with PartsTrader has been so easy. We’ve had no problem, and have found it to be really efficient.”

Jeff Pace, Rogers Dabbs Chevrolet Hummer, Brandon, MS

"We consistently use PartsTrader; it is a standard process at the shop. We have seen a slight decrease in our cycle time with PartsTrader and are seeing better margins on parts because of PartsTrader."

Ernie Loggarakis, Nick & Ernie's Auto Inc,, Skokie, IL

"PartsTrader is very simple to use. If we have an issue, we can send a photo of the part with the quote. PartsTrader helps in all aspects of the job; we use it for all claims"

Young Ko, KS California Auto Body Shop, San Jose, CA

"It has been a success for our shop. PartsTrader is a good tool for competitive pricing, and it saves time in ordering parts."

Juan Rodriguez, Faraco Tip Top, Miami, FL

"PartsTrader streamlines the part finding process with fewer phone calls and less room for error."

Kay Hines, Chuck's Auto Body, Glenview, IL

"We use no other system for parts, and really appreciate being able to attach photos of parts to orders. PartsTrader has streamlined our workflow process."

Tom Delk, Hubler Collision Repair Center, Shelbyville, IN

"[We are seeing] improved profit margins. PartsTrader has improved the accuracy and time it takes to order parts, and we're seeing less incorrect parts. It has also opened new doors to suppliers."

Sam Powers, Glassburn Body Shop, Westerville, OH

"Sending out quote requests and ordering parts is easier because it saves time on having to fax part orders. Our workflow has improved, cutting down wait time on orders."

Lauren Settles, Pro Care Collision, Flower Mound, TX

"We use PartsTrader for all our part needs and have seen an improvement in our workflow."

Marissa Classen, Bastrop Paint & Body, Bastrop, TX

"We like PartsTrader because we can find vendors online without having to rely on local searches. Parts come faster and profit is maximized due to used parts"

Nelson Amaya, Amaya's Collision Center, Huntsville, TX

“The staff at PartsTrader really knows what they are doing. When we call, we always get help from someone who knows what they’re doing and can help us quickly…unfortunately that’s very unusual these days. Keep up the good work. Your people are awesome.”

Scott Kendig, Al Packer Ford, West Palm Beach, FL

"We are a smaller shop and don't have a staff of estimators.  PartsTrader is simple to use and a time saving measure across the board; especially with different insurance carriers."

Andrew Smith, Direct Repair Collisions, Pittsburgh, PA

"Finding parts is easier during the quoting parts process.  We can have parts brewing for five cars at one time.   It just makes sense and actually works!  The feedback system is very helpful."

Andrew Smith, Direct Repair Collisions, Pittsburgh, PA

"We like the the ease of use of PartsTrader.  Instead of making three phone calls, just one click of the button gets us what we need.  If there is a delay in a repair, it is easy to document returned damaged parts for the insurance company. PartsTrader is very user-friendly."

Craig Stewart, Stewart's Collision Center, Georgetown, PA

"With PartsTrader you  are assured of fair pricing with the added benefit of one-stop shopping for all of your parts procurement.  PartsTrader helps you manage all of your orders."

Larry Smith, Sutherland Auto Body, Austin, TX

"I'm not afraid of new things! I like that it's possible to use PartsTrader for all estimates. It doesn't make sense to use multiple systems. We can find parts we wouldn't have known were available otherwise."

Patrick Randolph, Renew Paint & Body, Chandler, AZ

"I like PartsTrader because I can quote out all the parts the body shops need instead of them calling for just one part.  I recommend it to the any of the recyclers and I really like it."

Dorty Smith, Henry’s Auto Salvage, Alexandria, LA

"I’ve been using PartsTrader for about six months now.  It’s really helped streamline my business process with estimates.  It’s probably cut down my cycle time by about two days per order."

Grant Howard, Bill Fogle Collision Center, League City, TX

"...I’ve gone from a 6 – 7 hour parts ordering process to about 25 – 30 minutes to request my quotes, and about a 15 minute follow-up to order all my parts for the following week. So I find it saving me 5 ½  to 6 hours a week on my main parts ordering and really has just streamlined everything across the board..." 

Derek Varner, MVP Collision, Dallas, TX